Travelogue V, 2015 :- White sand all around~


Some days are added as the best ones in our journey of life. It could be because of particular adventure or could be with the awesome people that we are with or could be amazing conversations or something that we love doing. One of such days was over the weekend which started with Ktm Drive event and ended with a place that we decided last minute.

We had planned on visiting the tea garden early in the morning on a Sunday. That plan got changed to a drive towards Sindhuli highway as soon as all of us got ready for the drive. The three hour drive was perfect with the views that we experienced and the conversations we had. We saw clear mountains ranges and the roads had twists and turns. As we crossed every bridge it gave each of us a feeling on being outside Nepal. The narrow roads were smooth to drive and hills on the other side looked magnificent. The river patch made the place more beautiful.


As we drove we saw very less houses, minimum eating joints and one school on our way.IMG_20150315_101507 We spoke about how tourism needs to flourish in Nepal, how these places are not discovered yet, and how lesser facilities are around the place. We were discussing on how difficult it would be to get a mechanic in the middle of nowhere if the car broke down. On the other note, we were happy to see no traffic as there were few vehicles on the road. The greenery was at its maximum and we could see different types of trees.



IMG_20150315_104322 As we drove along the road, we had good conversations and we were getting to knowIMG_20150315_104329
each other better. Just then, we crossed an area called Nepalthok where we could see white sand near the Sunkoshi River. It looked surreal from the road. We asked for directions to get there and as we were driving towards the sand we met two kids carrying sack of potatoes and walking towards the river side. They were below ten years and were carrying weight double their size. We gave them a quick lift and reached the banks of Sunkoshi River.


We were at the paradise and the place was perfect. The view of the hills from the white sand and the sound of the waves of the river was bliss. We rolled, jumped on white sand and finally got to the riverside. A four wheeler drive was super fun and so was chilling near the river bank. We stayed for a while as we basked the sun after playing with water. We captured some moments but the beauty was already captured by the lenses of our eyes.










It was time to head back as we took a different route and it was an adventure crossing the gravel and rocky road. We searched for a restaurant and finally found one. After a great meal we head back. On our way back we had the most interesting talks as one topic lead to another and we were back home in no time. It was one of those days which has been the best on our list.


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