sweet_pearl_by_sternenfern-d4sjaopThere are varied nature people that you come across; some are really picky about stuff and some would not give a damn about the whole situation. Each one of us would react differently and can be really creative on handling any condition. I sometime wonder how can each person be so unique and how each of our trait is so diverse. We might not have come across a person who exactly thinks the same way, now here I am not talking about an opinion or a view but just a replica of the other. I have never seen my identical. Have you seen yours?? I am just imaging how this place would be if people thought in the same direction. It’s said: BIG MINDS THINK ALIKE AND AT THE SAME TIME, WE KNOW HOW OPPOSITE ATTRACTS. These are both contradicting each other. Moreover, it can be put as things don’t click with someone similar because we are exceptional minds in our own ways.

The best part is where each being is as beautiful as pearl and diamond and are talented. And some fail to recognize and find it. They need to be reminded about how amazing this wonderful life is .They just need to find there gift. And the basic idea is to just chill and take things easy by taking each day as an opportunity and growing more as a lovely person.

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