Keep calm and watch TV series :*

-1So how many television series have you watched till date, asked this cousin of mine when we were at the breakfast table while taking her milk and cornflakes. I have never understood how someone can eat museli right in the morning or anytime at any point of the day. I totally know its healthy and one of the best meals but I just cannot. Not that I haven’t tried, I did and I have despised it till now. So coming back to the question, I was quite puzzled, as I could not remember the last time I was surfing the different channels with a remote, sitting for hours in front of the television. But I clearly remembered the nights that I had spent watching a particular TV series on my laptop.

So my answer still remained “I can’t count, there have been many “. The series can get really addictive and you would not know how five hours would feel like a half. And in so much time, you are just done with seven episodes of each. There have been crazy different kinds of sitcom from love triangles, funny, humorous, thriller, supernatural; profession and each of them are equally entertaining depending on the of a person. But TV series gets you glued till the season is not over. And it just feels so real that you are living that moment, at that house and it revolves around your mind so much that you can relate to it with your real life. At least it somehow gets into me that ways. There are numerous series and many actors that I have fallen for. But nothing can beat the story of PRISON BREAK and hawt-ness of MICHAEAL SCHOLFIED, the wittiness of ARI GOLD in ENTROUAGE, liners of BARNEY STINSON in HIMYM, chemistry between BLAIRE AND CHUCK in GOSSIP GIRL, and love for fashion in 90210, the secrets, the twist and turns in relationships, SUPERNATURAL making you believe that you are born with a power too. It’s totally crazy how these TV series can be your best companions at times.


I have always taken my time and watched the episodes. I mostly break them in parts to watch and never spent the whole day and night watching it.

I have checked torrent 50 times while waiting for this new episode on a Monday morning.

Love BLAKE LIVELY. She has an amazing persona.

I have dreamt about this party at my house where all the stars from 90210 were at my place for a pool party. And that is how crazy things have gotten when I watched a couple of episodes before sleeping, and moreover I was one of them.

I still have a collection of quite a few of them that I have not watched, leaving it for the time when I am all free. I don’t have to watch it once I get the set.

I hardly remember the dialogues as I don’t watch the same series again and again.

After each TV series, I wish I could change my profession, getting the reel life into real.

So which one is the best for you and you went crazy for??

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