The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams*

Even if a  person is chilled out about stuff, there is always a dream right in front of him, a dream that he has since he was a child, ambition_by_tja88-d49wpjqsomewhere he wants to be and the heights he wants to reach. And the feeling that you get once you are right there is beyond happiness. It’s the feeling that you were born to achieve that and you actually get it. It can’t be defined. You just go bizarre over getting it and with the utmost passion that you work with its just works out perfectly.


So there are a couple of us who believe in short term goal, rather than long term ones.  The day is planned and if things go by as the schedule, it could not be more productive and leads us towards our dream. Each small step helps add on to our results. And there are some of us who really cannot define our ultimate dream; working on it becomes a big question.  There are others who know what they don’t want and are not sure of what they want is correct or is the risk worth it or the chance of leaving what you have is a mistake?? But I guess you would not grow if you had not made those mix ups before. The worst could happen would be what you want did not work out but think about the best,what if it just clicks .You might just look at the day that you were confused about that decision you went ahead with and there was no looking back.  It’s correctly said- Follow your heart and their achievement will all be yours. So if you have not found your DREAM – think for a while, and once you know what you want just go ahead with it as I am going with mine. It might just sound out of the world and really hard but guess what you just completed the most difficult part – Finding out that dream of yours!!


There are so many things that a person is capable and it’s just a myth when people conclude that you cannot get it all. What you need is some patience, luck on your side, and smart work and most importantly BELIEF.

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