Beyond Belief::*

The conviction that everything happens for a good reason has been one of my code till now. The ubiquitous power that’s around us makes everything around next to perfect. The universal clout is right next to us and supporting us all the time. Nothing in our life can be impeccable, we all know that. It’s all about compromises and give and take and how can we adjust to the situation around to make it our journey a worth-while. There are so many times that things don’t go as planned actually most of the times. But the thought of something better is kept in store for us helps us keep going. It’s the destiny which is already inscribed and the least we can do is have faith in it and live up to the fullest.

There are so many people and infinite number of wishes that one has. The prayers for getting our desires which are limitless must be obnoxiously confusing for the super-power. And even if all the demands comes true, we, humans are so self-seeking that once our work is done there is no looking back and being thankful. Spirituality comes from within; one cannot be pushed towards. It is very true that the values that you have been given when you were a child stay with you forever but at the same time after a certain age it’s all on how you believe. It’s just the connection that you have or don’t with the omnipresent. It does not matter whom do you pray or seek your blessings from, cause they are all the same.

There are so many pilgrims, and the divine devotion that they have is so astonishing. They are so selfless and do not seek anything in return. The other time when I had gone to this temple in Shirdee, Maharashtra of Sai Baba we had to stand in the queue for about 6 hours and with us were thousands of people and when we reached the main statuette, it was such a chaos and commotion and we could be there for just some seconds. So that’s when I thought to myself that they are so many individuals right there and all of them for the same purpose.

There are so many incidents when all the awful things happen to the finest people around. Even if I try reasoning it, each time I am left clueless. God forgives all without reservations but at times it’s just so inequitable. And usually the threads are all connected, all related to our KARMA.


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