The wind knows your name ::*

What if we ever got a chance to change our name?? Hmmm… Would you change it?? Give it a thought. I bet some of us would want to. I somehow fall neutral. I can’t really make up my mind would I want to be called by some other name. We have lots of nick names given to us and we are called by shorter forms each different from our loved ones. People say what’s in a name??Does it really matter??

It’s said the name defines you. Its shows your personality. It’s what you are and the parameter of “THE COOL  ATTITUDE” . This is when I say that if your name is some ancient and old name, the perception towards that person is different. Just for example if I say how does Shrey sound?? And on a similar note how  is Mohan ?? So here you go.This is what I was talking about. Now, I am not being judgmental here. But that’s how our mind works. Can’t help it. But, when we are born noone knows what kind of traits will we have and what kind of individual will we become. Its so entertaining to me on how we act as a critic all the time.

As it’s said that it doesn’t matter on how many years you live, it depends on how you have lived it. But you surely can make a mark on others and that’s when  your name does. There are so many places where our name is asscoiated to from all the legal documents  to writing a customer service form in a restaurant. Each name is so different and with a meaning and is given with so much of a thought. And when you get to know how popular your name is around the place you don’t really like it. Similar is the feeling when the name of the person is right there in your toungue but you forget it while you randomly bump. The best way to greet anyone is using their names on whereever you go be it while you are on an aircraft or out on a dining. This gives a respect to each being whose name is so special as yours is::*


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