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This topic can be taken in different way. The title could be for finding the purpose of life or searching yourself within the crowd or something that makes you the happiest or it could also be about the dream job that you always wanted. As much as the theme is catchy, we are not discussing about any one of them. We are talking about how the search is never over. The search for that one person whom you think you can spend the rest of your life with.

Back in those days when you saw the cutest boy in school, your heart beat faster. You probably never got the chance to speak to him much but the slightest of conversation with your senior would be replayed time and again. That smile would sway your mind and things would be understood differently. Small talks and those mushy notes, that look in the eyes was worth the love dose.

The phase of puppy love got over sooner and there as college began; many followed the mass, and badly wanted someone in their life. Even if you were not truly in love, even if you weren’t falling for someone, you did not want people to notice. It might just be a statement of being with the prettiest girl or a tag of being in a relationship. You could hardly find one enjoying college days with the best bunch of friends and being single as they weren’t forcing themselves for the search. It amuses me how people look for emotional support, and don’t believe that they are always enough for yourself.

As much as it sounds crazy, but the search still goes on to find that perfect one. It is not just with men but girls are on the watch too. Each one of us knows that everyone has some imperfection and we need to see beyond it. The best of qualities that made us falllarge in love with that person should never be overshadowed. Since you have been in love for so long and been in the happiest relationship where each day is full of excitement, charm and charisma. When everything seems complete, there are some who are still on the lookout. It is quite surprising to hear people falling in love when they are already in a relationship which they frantically wanted to be in. The feeling and emotions are not in control at times, you cannot keep looking for more. You need to be happy with that gorgeous gown or the newest gadget that you saved up for so long and not want everything that is new to the collection. But the irony is you always want more.

P.S:- Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end ~ Anthony Robbins~

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