It’s not only technology that is killing childhood:*

It’s so amusing to see the transition in this generation as we compare kids to children born in late 19th century. Not many years have passed but it feels like so many things have changed so quickly. I wouldn’t really comment if all is for good but sure can relate my childhood days. And as I am starting with the comparison I am wondering how difficult is it for our parents to see the transformation and accept it. It sure is an extra dose of challenge for parents to raise their kids. It is really hard to figure out how they deal with them and is appreciable how they are patient with the children. Each child is pampered to the highest point. It sometimes gets hard to process the unreasonable demands and the stubbornness of children. The interesting bit is all their wishes get fulfilled too. They do not have to choose between a pair of doll or toy cars because they know they will get both of them without trying much harder. Gone are the days when the color pencils purchased would last for half a year or say a quarter. Now, there are 5 different varieties of stationery and the kid wouldn’t even realize if something is missing. It’s just not about one particular child; the tradition is the same around each block. The custom has become such that parents while agreeing to the wants are making kids more carefree, forgetting to teach them the value of money, to take care of things and making them less responsible. As far as I have come across, kids have a gadget which belongs to them; they do not eat food without television or playing a game on the mobile phones. They are so picky with food, that making them eat a meal is the hardest task ever. Encouraging this act is nothing other than lack of discipline and obedience. Each parents dream is to be a genie for their child, but I guess they need to take it slow and go the old school method and teach them to be patient and fight for what the deserve and let them earn the prize. Certainly, the kids of this century are so informative, knowledgeable and tech-savvy. Thanks to technology. They exactly know what they want and how they want things. It is so surprising when they know the smallest details of the things they love and it is so much fun listening to the conversation between the teens. The smartest answers and the way they tackle different situations is commendable. So appreciate the way parent’s thoughts are changing and extra-curricular activities are given importance. They have started understanding what passion is and how any field is creative if one has passion for it. Nevertheless, how much we modernize and go ahead with times, the intuitive power and the innocence of child will always remain the same.

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