When opposite attracts:*


Every relationship is diverse, it has a special beginning and own charm to it. As each one of us have a love story, and each fairy-tale has two people who are crazily, madly and deeply in love with each other. Falling in love is different for everyone. Some might get physically attracted and then get to know more about that person and some might fall in love in the process of knowing one another. For some it just happens, and for the others, it takes a while to fall in love. By the end the cupid arrow does strike each one of us. We love the pampering, the feeling of being in love and the small romantic things that we do for one another. I so wish these small gestures stay forever.

It’s always said the element of attraction is when two individuals are opposite. That’s how the chemistry works. What do you think?? Has it worked in your relationship?? I guess being totally different from each other, the way you think and your interests does work well for a small term. At some point of time, you need a consent . Undoubtedly, you get to explore about more things and get an idea from various perspectives on general talks. But when the things are not accepted in the same way, there comes the tricky part. One always learns in a relationship and grows so much but if the liking and idea is not similar it does not last for long. So imagine if you are an adventure freak and you want to experience outdoors and you wouldn’t leave an opportunity to do so, and the person you are with doesn’t like outdoors. It would be such a bummer. These are small things but talking about priorities, likes, and the thinking process, it is the best when it is alike. Or else there has to be huge compromise and adjustments.

The relationship becomes more beautiful when one person loves the sunrise and the other loves the moonlight. It ends sooner when one person loves the nature and the other one doesn’t care about it. All I am trying to say is OPPOSITE ATTRACTS is just a phrase, and if you try to mold the person on how you are than you are changing the person whom you fell in love with. Similar taste in food and movies will not hold you together neither will different hobbies and passion drive you apart. It’s what you chose to make of these differences.

And as it’s said “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

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