A child at heart:*

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I always thought that after a certain age, the child inside you seems to be lost, at least the mass of people, get busy with their lives, or they make their everyday routine so hectic, that they don’t realize how time just passes and years goes by and they don’t remember living life doing the small things that would make it more beautiful. All of us know it all, but time and again, we need a reminder telling us to do the things that we love to, which gives us utmost pleasure. I am sure the journey cannot be so tricky that you cannot divert your mind to the exhilarating and exciting things, could be the smallest or something that lasts for a couple of minutes but gets that smile on your face. How I wish each one of us would actually take an hour everyday for the things that they really are fanatical about.

So, this notion of mine was erased when I saw my grand mom of 78 trying to burst balloons at one of my cousin’s birthday. The sight was as lovely as it could get. We tried helping her the next time when she could not prick the red one. She was blushing and the smile is etched on our hearts. The next day I saw some kids blowing bubbles, and the junior ones were running till the bubbles were flowing. I don’t remember the last time I held a mixture of soap and water for the fun of it and it surely was plain fun.

The ride is surely a roller coaster, but you definitely have to enjoy the wind coming your way, and trust me, each one of is a child at heart, we just need to unleash it at times. Don’t think twice when you are about to do the things that will make you happy, make your day amazing and people around you happier. Each ones of us is a child somewhere and we would love to do things carefree and open ourselves to no judgement .

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