As the New Year has already started, resolution drafting has become way cliché, it’s time for PLAYBOOK, now if you are wondering what it is all about, this book has the events that you look forward to in this year, the things that you want to do, want to achieve – could be something crazy that you had never thought of, something practical, some place which is impossible to go to but what’s the harm in writing and amusing oneself as the number keeps on increasing as you start lettering. While check listing my playbook for last year, I think I cut off 7 out of some 17, which is decent, I guess. What do you think?? One of the things in my list is to travel at least 12 different destinations/ countries that I want to. Let’s see if that’s happening. As each time I forget to make a documentary to a place that I go to, this time again I remembered after we got back.

Anyhow, I am sure there are going to be interesting travels this year too. Travelling sure gives you a high and I sure would love to make memories all around the world whenever I go. Here is my travelogue on the first trip of 2014; we left for the monastery, a drive which was 2 hours from the K-town. The road was straight ahead from Dulhikhel. My cousins were discussing about the amazing places around Nepal and how they are less facilitated for tourist and so much could be done to make it easier for people to travel and reach. This talk led to China border and Sachin gave in the idea of going to Tatopani, which would take only 4-5 hours, all of us were super excited and I was totally in for the plan, we studied the possibilities for a while but somehow we got back to the original schedule of reaching Namo Buddha. Trust me, the last minute plans can get so crazy. I wish we were going to Khasha Bazar. Someday it is going to be that side!

The drive was good fun, talking about the funny- serious stuff, and enjoying the view of the ranges, terrace farming, and the random conversations, we reached in no time. The uphill for the last hour was rocky and that took us time. As we entered the place, I could see the prayer flags all around. It looks gorgeous when the background is white, and the combination of red, yellow, green and blue flags were flowing in the wind. There was couple of monasteries but the best part was the mesmerizing view, prayer flags falling perfectly in line with the majestic Himalayan ranges and we loved the feeling of being in one of the beautiful pagodas. We spent an hour or two, kept clicking number of pictures, with the perfect scenery and we also came to the conclusion how some people just don’t have photography sense. So we had to take some selfie.



DSC_0060_resultFinally we reached the main stupa, the craftsmanship was stunning and the detailed work made it look all the more amazing. There were kids from the age of 4 to 18 sitting in a line, praying out loud, some were blowing sanai and some were busy with the prayer drums and wheel, but the level of discipline and decorum which was present was outstanding. We stayed there for a while and enjoyed the tune of the narsingha trumpet. We covered the total area and finally it was time for us to leave. We started walking as the road led us, finding in sometime that we were lost. We asked the localities how to get to the entrance and after we understood the way for the next 10 minutes we started following the path. As we steeped a few blocks, we could see the entry right there. Sometimes you cannot figure out something which is right in front of you. We drove down hill from the other side and the roads were more horrible than our judgment. Nevertheless, with the fun-filled drive back home, each one of us had a great time and I was planning on the next trip.



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