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There are so many situations and incidents that we keep repeating time and again even if we know it does not make sense, still we do it on an everyday basis. There would be loads to write in but let me just post in a few.

1. We for sure know that we will not be able to give up on the addiction for sitcoms once we start with it. Hours go by and one episode after the other and we are hooked on to our laptops like there is no other day. The Reel life is taking over our Real life.

2. If you are on the habit of getting up in the night, the first thing that you look for is your mobile phone, and the next would be switching on the Wi-Fi, and checking all the social networking sites one after the other. You just don’t realize you lose half an hour easily. You got to disconnect to connect.

3. Taking our loved ones for granted, even if we know that they would be the only ones by our side when you need them. There are many who come in our lives and go away, but only a few stay there forever. We forget to remind them how special they are.

4. We have forgotten how blessed we have been with a healthy body. We value it more once it does not function well. We surely wish we could rewind the time but it can never happen.

5. Stop cribbing about the place that you are in, the times that you have to go through, take it real easy and live each day as your last.

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