Stories told time and again but I still love it, and finally coming in words:*


Some of the most exciting parts related to my travel life coming up in this blog. To read it all you have to fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride. All the stories are true and no fictional characters involved. If you are regular with my blogs, you might have read the first incident on the piece titled “THE FUN OF FLYING”, nevertheless here it goes,

This one time I was travelling to Mumbai, on a connecting flight and while we were departing from K- Town, because of the bad weather, it got delayed. I was sure of missing out on the next flight even if they were the same airlines. I was relieved when I checked the schedule of Spice Jet and -they had the last flight later in the night too. I did not want to get to my cousins that late, but I had no other option other than to take that flight. As we landed Delhi airport, my luggage was already on the belt before I reached the conveyor. I went to the other terminal and as I reached the counter, the lady was just closing the counter. I hurriedly went to her and told her about my situation and she said she can do nothing about it as the boarding was already announced. My confident lie on telling her that I had a job interview worked and she said we have one last seat and that is a BUSINESS class. Will it work for you?? I couldn’t thank her more for the princess treatment that I received till I board my plane. Happily, I called my dad about me travelling in a business class as I wanted to in that trip.

I surely have been a lucky one while travelling, but this story is when I could make a stranger’s day. I am super bad with roads and I hardly remember the narrow and inner ones. So, I got lost while coming back from work, as the road diversion led me to a place I fairly remembered, but not exactly. I followed with my intuition but I ended up losing the way. I asked this girl who was walking for a school, which is the nearest landmark to my house, and she was delighted as she studied in the same school. So, I told her to sit with me and get ready for the drive. She was surprised the entire stretch and the look in her eyes were just so fascinated and we reached in not more than 5 minutes.

As I love trying new things for the first time, I wanted to experience some cup noodles as I was watching the Himalayas on my way home on the aircraft SG 045 which departed right on time . So, as I called for food, I forgot that my bag was kept in the cabin. I asked the steward to pass it to me, but he assured that I could pay later. I had the craving for brownies then, and guess what I called for them too and I made sure I keep the money aside when I get off the airplane. As I was paying, the steward smiled and said it’s on me. I was treated!!

This is one of the very interesting times when I was going to give my professional exams, and I got caught in one of the strikes, I had no other way than to walk towards my exam center. Half an hour was left for my papers to begin, and I was still running around the shortcuts to reach. There were couple of bikes but I had no time to call any of my friends to drop me. So finally I took a lift from a lady who was driving. Since the tradition of giving lifts is not there in Nepal, the lady analysed properly on what I was speaking, read my actions well, and finally agreed to give me a ride. And after some conversations we got to know we had some mutual friends too.

So from meeting people at the transit, talking to the next seat outsider, from trying to pooling in my luggage weight whenever I have had an excess, to interesting conversations with the steward. And how can I forget how I enjoyed the company of two brothers who got out of jail before 4 hours of the departure and were travelling in the same flight. The number of times I have been given the Business class and thoroughly enjoyed the service and choosing from the menu. Travels have always had something thrilling in store.

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