The sand dunes, the barren land, line of camels and the green bushes at a stretch, that’s not what the place of desserts is all about. The lifestyle of the people is totally different than what we imagine it to be. The villages have turned to mini towns and the place has developed as any other with all the necessary facilities. Each part of Rajasthan is different and there are varied types of people.

This trip of mine left me amazed when I could see the stars so clear and the sky was full of them. One of my best days was when there was a spot light coming in the sky because of one of the events happening around town and it felt as the stars were dancing with the lights on them. The view was spectacular and one of the most romantic ones. I am surely experiencing camping under the moonlight and with stars all around. The sunset were the most striking, was it away from the crowd, was it lesser pollution but we could see the sky turn orange and then a tone of pink as it became a ball of red.

The people staying in the area live like a family and are selfless as they have the feeling of being together each time, the bond being so strong. The roads are narrow and each lane looks the same. I am sure a newbie will lose their way for a week and finally figure out the ways. The palaces are magnificent and so huge. It took us half a day to explore the place that we were staying at. There were smaller rooms in every room and one of them had the fourth room, one inside the other. It was really cool and one of the best places for the kids to play hide and seek. The architecture was really old and the designs and carvings around the place made it more beautiful. We were lucky to get the antique pieces which are kept as a memoir and I am sure those are from the times untold.




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