Little pleasures in life:*

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Everyone goes through thick and thin, highs and low, unexpected situations and the best of times are always there with the best of people. How low you are, or how tired you get, there are always these amazing things that can cheer you up. At times we just forget the small things that make life all the more beautiful and each time we need to remind ourselves of it. So here it goes, if you have missed out on any on the list; make sure that you check them off soon.

1. Early sunrise on a clear day or could be the sunset too, just standing at the place that you are and observing the sun setting, the change in the color of the sky in a few minutes. TOTALLY BREATH TAKING.

2. The fleet of clouds which can be seen till the horizon. You wish these were cotton candies and you could pick them up.

3. A star being seen with a half moon. THE BEST COMBINATION EVER.

4. Playing the music out loud with the speakers on the highest volume and singing along with the wrong lyrics.

5. Imagining your life as a movie and you being the lead actor and trying to figure out how the movie is going to go forward and you are your own script-writer.

6. Telling those loved ones how much you love them and thankful that they came to your lives.

7. Reading a book and not knowing how the clock struck 2 and the next time you see its 8 already.

8. Get over your craving that you have wanted to eat since days. Today is the day.

9. Go out shopping. Pamper yourself, do what makes you happy.

10. Give in a smile to a stranger you are never going to meet.

11. Call that friend you haven’t spoken since a long time, and check on how they are doing or surprise him or her with a visit to their place.

12.Go back that memory lane and think about the awesome things that have happened in your life, and what you are gifted with.

13. The feeling of sand between your toes, swimming in water all day long, loving the mountains and hills around.

14. Make sure you make a bucket list and don’t wait for a time to come when you start checking off the list.


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