On the last show of mine, at Love- A-lution, a show which is all about love, we were talking about flirting, which was quite the topic and that too when one is in a relationship. So there were loads of themes on my mind when it comes to the cupid thing called love and I happened to choose this amazing subject suggested by a regular listener of ours. So while we got onto this topic it was crazy as many people had different ideas, some said that the talent of attracting people and charming is inborn and it cannot be learnt. And some said to keep it going as there is no harm till your intentions are correct. And some were of the thought that once you are in a relationship and one talk leads to another, you should not move forward with it as you are giving hopes at the other side. So what do you think about it?

Flirting is a kind of social interaction. We flirt with people whom we want to know more about, or someone we admire and adore. Some are gifted flirts and anything they say sounds so romantic without trying. Believe me, flirting lines really work; the only thing is you need to be confident in that tone!!

Is flirting cheating??Some say it is when you cross the line. Now what line are we talking about?? It also depends on your definition of Flirt_by_zorycheating again. Would you tell the person that you are in love with that you have been talking to this stranger for a long time and the company of that person is totally awesome. When I have to answer that question, I guess it depends on the person that you are with, if he is cool with the idea of you chilling out with others than you should tell him or else just let it be. Relationships are all based on trust and the space that you can give to the other person, accepting the person how he or she is and not to forget that you fell in love with the same person. So why would you want him to change now?? In this busy life, unless you are in the same field you are not connected all the time, but you are connected with multiple people on the other hand. And it is perfectly fine when your conversations go on and on with people you have just met. There are just two things that revolve around flirting where you need not think twice about it– You should be clear at heart and you have the power of wooing people around you. At times with a little of flirting, you do not even realize that you are .

There are times when it gets totally crazy when the other person is super possessive and would not let the other one talk and make conversations around. I guess for them, somewhere it always stays that they are going to lose the relationship they have and are really insecure. Moreover, I guess what they look for is the attention from the other one all the time. It is so insane when the small things turn out to be a lot more complicated and there is no reason for one.

I would just end by saying:”Flirt away. As long as your intentions are fine and you’re just having fun, it’s really no big deal”

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