Finally the feeling of a vacation has started . Before a week I did not even realize that I had to pack my clothes and Saturday was right there . My mom kept telling me time and again to sort out my dresses,accessories, shoes, slipon and the required stuff. I would just listen to it and still act ignorant  about it and as always packing was done at the last moment.Thankfully this time I had kept a couple of clothes and beachwear aside else I would miss out on quite a few of things as I had so much of work on the last day.

And finally I am at the airport way before time all set for a ten day vacation to Mauritius. Loads of adventure sports on my list from snorkeling to scuba diving , chilling on the beach to writing a novel along the beach side. Lets see what all is in store but as of now I am excited. And as suggested by a buddy of mine, I am writing a travelogue of my journey. I will try to incorporate all the crazy stories unless some crazier ones which fade faster with time (wink wink) 🙂 As of now, I am loving the sunset which I can see right from my window ( Always insist on a window seat ) and the orangish light  coming right on my face and it feels like I am walking on the clouds with a clear view of the white candy !!

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