TRAVELOGUE 2 :: And it was love at first sight :)

Delhi airport is quite entertaining and I think I could spend days here. From eateries to shopping, spa to massages you name it and its there. The best part about the Indra Gandhi International Airport is it is amazingly maintained and never disappoints us. Lakhs of people that you come across at one place and going towards their own destination  are people of different race, culture and religion. We failed to trace a salon and a kids section at the airport,otherwise the services are really nice. This time it was just a night, where we stayed at the lounge.We hardly slept as we had so much of catching up !!
And all pumped up for the vacation, we were set for a seven hour flight. And with coffee and conversations and back to back movies and music we were Making each trip of ours a voyage to discovery !
And there we are Finally among Breathtaking view from the balcony- Clear sky with tints of white on the drive by,and greenery all around :- Welcoming us to Mauritius:)

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