All excited for the next day and with lots of chit chatting with cousins and deciding about the itinerary, we did not realize how we slept off really quickly. And as I wanted to see the morning view and sunrise I kept getting up every three hours not realizing the time had not passed much. How overjoyed was I that I wanted to see the same view that I saw in the evening, right before 14 hours.  And the funniest part was that I did not change the time as per the local one on my watch, and I was so early by one and a half hours. So the first thing that I did was going up to the balcony and took that fresh air and was enthralled yet again with the spectacular scene.

And after the breakfast we went around the city, which is really clean and greener. We hardly saw traffic lights but still the traffic senseIMG_3792 around the residents was quite amazing to see. Not a very developed city but the inhabitants are really sweet at heart. We went to different points from Ganga Talao where the drive was super fun, and then we went to Black River George National Park , where we saw Alexandria falls and then Bentier Island and Bidhu Cap and the day ended with Le Morne Beach. Each place was really beautiful. And personally I loved the shades of green I could see around. Seriously I saw hundreds of green. How I wish K-town was this green again. And yes how can I forget about the Papyrus tree. They were just amazing. Papyrus is an early form of paper made from the bark of trees. It was used in ancient Egypt  and they used this plant as a writing material for boats, mattresses, mats, rope, sandals, and baskets. The line of trees and the wooden benches and tables is a perfect destination for picnic. All in all we had a great day and amazing memories captured on the first day of the island.

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