There my uncle asked me to check flight tickets for his travel on the last day of this month while I was downloading applications on my phone and simultaneously replying to a mail and chatting with my college friends. So I went to him and switched on my laptop and started looking at different sites. When those sites started loading in seven different tabs, I started working on my phone again. I was doing all the work together and giving him the required information as soon as he asked me. After some time, when my uncle lost his multitasking (1)patience, he asked me to switch my phone and just concentrate on one thing and finish it off. And he told me at their times they were no gadgets to keep everyone so busy.

That’s when I got reminded once again that in this generation it is really hard to be doing just one thing and staying idle is just not our cup of tea. Give it a thought yourself. While you are walking alone or travelling alone, you are on a call (just so you can pass your time and reach your destination faster) or it’s the video games keeping you busy. When you are all by yourself, there is a gadget right beside you, be it your phone, be it your notebook. You are always doing 3-4 things at one time. While you are doing different stuff like working out, at a boring meet, the time just goes by so fast and at times the thing that you actually started your work with does not get done. We cannot watch television for an hour straight, without checking our phone once. And this goes to kids too. The act of doing different things at times is so unplanned and is not done deliberately. It’s the situation at times. Each one of us have become perfect in multi-tasking, even if the task performed are just the one or not.



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