I simply love to spell. And till this date spellings and I go really well. And here I am talking about saying out the letters in a word in no time. This reminds me to go back to school and take a spell buzz (Competition back in those times). Spellings have always fascinated me and mostly been correct. The time that it has gone wrong is mostly with an incorrect pronunciation. While compared to then and now the spellings are just fine but the formation of my sentences at times does not make sense at all. I would give 50 % fault to the T9 dictionary that we have been hooked on to while we type a message or a mail and the way our thumbs work in a mille second is just fantastic. But the worst part is the message to be conveyed is totally wrong. And when you read the conversation again, it’s so funny that you cannot stop laughing. Sometimes the person on the other side has to ask what the reference is because the meaning turns the topic upside down. I have been warned by my friends to read the message before sending but as we all know Bad habits die hard. Some of my creation presented for a good laugh!!IMG_3702








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