The black stilettoes did the Magic ::*

Before we jump down to any conclusion on what the magic part is, i would just say it was shocking to see that my stilettoes were in the right shape after getting back home . I was so sure that those heels would break and i would have to walk bare foot. Moreover it was late in the night and there were no cobblers around. I had worn those 4 inch heels perfectly matching with the evening wear when we were heading out for dinner. I was on two minds on should i dress up on a casual note or go with something classy.  But it turned out that my choice of picking up Charles and Keith did me justice. No doubt the most comfortable footwear are flip flops and getting them in bright colors are just the best combination for summers. And nothing can be more relaxing on wearing a pair of converse for the morning workout.

So coming back to the MAGIC we were going for dining yesterday and the car had to given for servicing cause it was in a bad shape. The main start would not work at times leaving the driver stranded if he was driving by himself . The car needed a good push and once it rolled it would start . There was some problem in it which i fail to recall but the whole point is it need quite a strength to push the car. It was so much of a problem once when my dad was driving it and there was a huge traffic jam on the road which was up-hill. By mistakenly he switched off the car and when the roads were clear he actually had to gather people for him to start the car. So while we were going to this Italian place, one of our favorites of all times, my uncle was taking us for his birthday and before leaving i forgot to tell him that the car has a problem, you will have to drive the other car. And without realizing, we left the house and the same incident happened, my uncle shut the car on a traffic light. Ans the car just did not start. All cousins one by one had to get down and push the car which was a sight to see. We had never done that and it was quite a work for all of us. Late in the night , wearing heels and pushing the car for 5 minutes, we just took the advantage of the situation and had a hell of a experience. We got back the same road right back home and took another drive !! And there when i thought my footwear broke and  i was cursing  the  thought of not wearing casuals my heels were in just one piece …

And now i want to add a Hot Pink and a Grey to my SHOE OBSESSION::*

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