De “S” addiction

And i just love shopping and spa…These are two things i can wake up in the middle of the night and sign for. And when shopping is followed by spa that just becomes my favorite. To shop is like a medicine which cures when you are feeling low .. It works for me all the time.. And there are only a few people who  know this secret.. One gets so distracted while shopping that you don’t really think about anything else.. I surely love it and  the hole that it burns in my pocket is worth it !!  There is a never ending list on my iphone each time which increases time to time. I don’t mind window shopping too . There’s no harm in randomly trying out the beautiful dress that you see while you are passing by even if you are broke. You just go politely ask for it and confidently give it back saying you will come later to collect it. That later might just be soon or might take some time if we are talking about a Tag Heuer watch. I love to splurge on bags, shoes and accessories the most !! As i am a very confused person been that since FOREVER  i just wonder if i could buy the same thing in both the shades once i can’t decide. As people have TO DO LIST , i love maintaining ” TO BUY LIST”. Its best when you have a company cause its easier to decide, even when the person u are going with wants it to end as soon as possible as its a task. You sincerely take their advice when you ask on hows that stuff looking on me?? Nothing could be more sure than the person saying “Really nice, Suits you well” in a very low voice. The fun of shopping starts when you are a master in bargaining. And i would say i have done a degree on ” The tricks of Negotiation”. I am talking about the unbranded stuff here . I am  not much of a brand person but when it comes to Body Shop i can’t let it go.I just need variety of everything be it a brand or without. There are so many people whose best fuel after breakup is going on a shopping spree. Spa on the other side is so relaxing and energizing. The soothing ambience and the music is the most refreshing was to boost your endurance. However, there’s  no harm in trying out different types of spa !! I wish the weekend special – discounted spa’s would start around the town and i would be their first customer !!

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