” The land is now on sale. What are we waiting for ?? “

Its a very true saying that :: ” When it happens to you , it starts concerning you ” We can never relate ourselves with what the others are going through. I have been seeing demolition and destruction of road everyday on my way to work. I really feel sad when residential houses, shops have been broken down to turnout the roads to make it more broader. I would be the first person to vouch for the whole idea of making the road wider cause that’s the need of the hour for our city. But at the same time i feel its not being done very systematically. The broken buildings are a sight to see. And there is so much of dust on the roads that practically when you are riding you can actually feel dust all over your face. Moreover, the pillars and pole are still on the roads which are not shifted at all. So, i wonder even if the road is 2 lane we are gonna bump in the poles isn’t it??

I was a little relieved when i asked my folks back home on the widening of roads our side. They said it was already done some years back. To my astonishment i was told yesterday that the compound wall will be broken and we will have to give away 7 meters land . And with the calculation i think a part of my house will be disfigured. As its for me there are hundreds of people who are suffering from this. An average family will go through so much of a problem. The shops, restaurants which are the only source of income for people are going to be multilated. The question is how much time is it going to take to build one again?? And the finances are another issue??Demanding compensation prior to the demolition. is ones right !! And when the road obstruction is being done it has to be uniform and everywhere !!

The government needs to take every aspect into consideration because the country is for the commoner to live, and when the problem is being dealt in a way which again becomes a huge problem for the commoner its a TROUBLE::

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