Summer on its way:*


All of us were meeting after a long time, there was so much to talk about, so many things that we had to update each other on, reminiscing old memories. We loved making last minute plans then and we did the same this time. We decided the place for the trip and were excited for the next day. The night went by quick and it was time for us to head out. Early in the afternoon, we were set for a ride to the nearby hilltop when the climate changed drastically, and it rained heavily. The sudden change of weather made us think how the morning was sunny and bright. Some of us remembered getting up to the sun rays across the window sill. Some complained that they could not laze for long as the harsh sun rays came on their face.

As we discussed about the morning sunshine, it was gloomy and dark on the outdoors and in no time the garden was filled with white sheets of hailstones. We settled back and changed our plans as the ride wouldn’t be fun with the puddles and potholes all around. We treated ourselves for coffee and continued with our conversations.

All of a sudden, we started with a serious discussion and it was all about global warming and climatic conditions. How the weather
had been changing these years and how the extreme weather leaves everyone with a surprise. The winters had increased in the mountainous region and the southern part of Asia had been experiencing uncontrollable heat. There were so many factors and one of it had been urbanization and less of greenery.

This led to the topic of choosing the weather, summers or winters. As preferred choices were given, I stood amused with this question. It was a situation when I had to choose between blue waves and lagoon or the hilly mountains. Both were my favorite. The choice had to be made between scorching heat waves and the frosting winter cold,I voted for winters. To think about it again, I love summers too.

We keep complaining about how cold the weather is, and feel twice the cold. We cannot tolerate summer and whine, and the warmness increases. When its time for summers, we want winters more as it’s all in the mind. Its truly said the grass is greener on the other side.

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