Romancing with the nature:*


All of us are fascinated with the ambiance, the greenery around, the different sketches of nature. Mother earth offer us with such amazing surrounding that we can never thank her enough. We are bestowed with mesmerizing views that is beyond comprehension at times. How the sun plays hide and seek in the clouds and does not leave us for the day,we sure have a best moment. Some love the sunset when the orange ball goes down in no time and the sky turns pink through the horizon and for some the white sparkling moon does it all.

20131016_111158Be it the beautiful sunrise spreading the shine in our day or the sudden downpour with hailstones which spread like white sheets in the garden making the green look all the more magnificent, changing the weather in no time. Each sight is lovely. As I sat for hours and made constellations or least tried my hands on astronomy, it made me think how we romance with nature. We are in awe with the clear blue sky and clouds forming different shapes, and surely when the sky turns grey at the time of thunderstorm. The ones who are fond of nature would surely go crazy when they see a different side of scenery. One of the amazing instant is when the sun tries to make its way from the clouds; a little ray it tries to confer us with sharing in a message that hope is always around in the grey patch. And how can I forget the rainbow which brightens the sphere? Isn’t that one of your best scene?



If you can relate to this piece and you are thinking that you have missed out on those pretty and spectacular time, make sure that you starting romancing with nature again, because the different tint of blue, green and milky white is sure a beauty and bliss. You really have to take some time out to enjoy the different shades, because some picture can be captured only by your own eyes and even the lenses do no justice.


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