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If you are thinking about the next status update on the social networking site, be it Facebook or Twitter, wherein you can fit in 140 words (I am sure most of us feel that it should increase to 300 words at least, if not 350). Go ahead with the article as it is apt for you. It also suits the ones who challenge themselves every 4 hours to come up with the most humorous writing or one liner and they know sub-consciously that their life has been rotating around these networking sites.

Let’s keep aside the stalking and addiction of checking the news feed or notifications every half an hour. You need to be happy on how those creative juices are flowing and you are discovering a new side to yourselves. Till date, you failed to realize how imaginative and artistic you could be. How beautifully you could play with words and make the readers laugh their hearts out or express a thought which was in everyone’s mind but never said out loud. You think twice before posting something or checking in, especially when you have to be in two places at once. Since these networking sites have made your life transparent you need to follow the rules well or else you are in trouble.

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There is one thing that is quite amusing, the expression or giving gratitude to the people who don’t use the web portal or will never read it. Why would you want to give out a shout out to your grandparents for their anniversary on Facebook when they don’t have an account? Why would you not want to celebrate women’s day each day and be reminded on how great we are every time? Is it because you have not updated your profile since a long time or is it because everyone is posting and you don’t want to be different. Anyone can copy the thoughts, it is how your mind works and words put together which gives it a whole new meaning. So be original and ingenious.

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