SERENDIPITY – the word itself is so beautiful, isn’t it?? And the movie is all the more amazing and stands on my favorite till date. A romantic comedy film, starring John Cusack (The hottest), Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Piven (One of the finest actors whose dialogues in the series Entourage are to die for) is all about destiny or fate and how two lovers unite after years. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to take some time out and do that today. If you are flipping the pages in the dictionary or checking online on what does it mean, don’t bother, it means making fortunate discoveries by accident.

So do you believe in the effect by which you have accidentally stumbled upon something or someone truly wonderful, while you were looking for something entirely unrelated? Has it ever happened to you? Do you think that the number of people that you come across each day have some kind of connection with you? Do you think luck exists or say signs which lead the way for you each time?? I totally do.

While giving it a thought, there are signals and when things are meant to be, it does, no matter what. Seriously if you have not observed it, start noticing for a few days, how stuff in your daily life unfolds. It may sound dramatic but the act of giving out a 5 dollar bill in the world and that note coming back to you is quite possible. It is all about trust and belief that the universe comes together to give in those hint and indicators to make your journey all the more enthralling.It is revolving around each one of us, some kind of charisma that attracts the happenings <3.

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