Sweet Child O’ Mine

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As my mom narrated my kid chronicles one after the other, it gave me a reality check. A check on how I was raised, the amusing acts of mine and how innocently naughty I would get. It was so much fun listening to the incidents and she smiled as she told me the stories where I had been the most troublesome. It was one such time that the flight was delayed from New Delhi to Kathmandu because of the weather, and it went on for hours. She told me how she carried me for six hours straight as I was sleeping and she did not want me to wake up. She was carrying less of baby food and the best solution was for me to sleep. When we finally reached home her hands were stiff and were swollen for couple of days.

Another interesting story that I remember her telling was how I sneaked out to go to school when I was just 4. I studied in a nearby school and my cousins were in the same one. My cousins were getting ready for the day, eating their breakfast. I did not want to wait for them. So I quickly got out of the house without informing anyone and walked till my school. Everyone was terrified and they were searching the place for me, and finally when my cousins reached the school, they found me. My mom still remembers that day clearly. She can never forget that hug, she says. Little did I know what was happening, but listening to all these stories seems fascinating.

I am sure each one of us has these exciting tales, some we have heard of, and some we are yet to find out. The journey for our parents is surely more memorable. The different moments, especially our firsts and the phase of parenthood must be etched in their hearts and will stay forever. Since they are always around us, guiding in our life, protecting us even if we cross our teens, loving since the morning and covering up for the stupid mistakes, we are definitely the fortunate ones. It’s said that we will realize things and feel the importance when we go through that stage, but I think its each moment that we got to be thankful.

At times we overlook the whole course, and take them for granted. We forget to be grateful to our first teacher, the friend whom we shared our first crush with, that one person who have always motivated and inspired us and the person who has made us what we are today .

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