Perfect Chemistry :*


I see the view from my balcony and the words I put it to describe this panorama would be less beautiful on how the sky looks today. Each day the view looks exhilarating and I spent almost 20 minutes looking at it. And when I think about it what did I do for almost half an hour I have no answer. I am neither on the think mode, neither answering the questions which are to be resolved, nor relaxing, neither reading a bestseller. I just get so mesmerized with the sight and finally today I sat down to write a blog on it.

It’s like a painting which is in front of me, and changing every second with a new one. It’s got only 4 shades – Grey, White, blue and tinge of orange, more like milky white. These are the colors which are making it shiny. The combination and mixture is next to perfect for each time I look at it where I see clouds forming the border in the skies, and the way it is blending with each other, I feel like throwing my hands in the air and touching some. With that a little ray of light trying to show us something, but at the same time covering it all. That is the beauty of showing us on never to lose hope. It’s just about the chemistry between the weather, clouds and the stretch of those black lines in the sky. I am not really sure the way it moves so perfectly, with rounds and rounds. As I complete this piece, there is a volcano of cotton candy and the map of United Kingdom in the opposite side. I love the way our minds get creative when it comes to describing a vision.

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