With friends like these:*


There are so many people who come in our lives and teach us so many things and made us what we are today. Some can be called at 4 in the morning, some are Facebook/twitter friends whom you have never met, and then there are friends whom you want to share the hilarious stories and the others that you have met in your travel. They leave an impact in your life and their opinions matters. Some stay throughout the journey but some fade with time but their memories are fresh and lovely. Our journey is full of such amazing and crazy people who are a part of our ride. They stand by our side in each step and some choose to escape and the best is letting them go and welcoming the new ones. I am blessed to have such beautiful lot in my life. As every day, when we celebrate the bond of love and togetherness, I have a small note for the special ones.

Flat 11, Horizon Apartments (aka S Cube): The love and care, the random plans the stories which can be laughed each time we talk about it yet cannot be told out loud. It was amazing to be a part of it!! And I can never forget the best place there – The Terrace!!

Talking about my bêtise – Zeeshan, Far away but still the closest to my heart. We have seen each other grow as individuals and been there through all the thick and thins. It’s all about sisterhood.

Symbians ( Smk, Ranjoey ,Mr.K) – We are so busy in our everyday lives but are still connected even if we meet each other after couple of years. The warmth, the love and the hugs are irreplaceable.

The Gang- I have no idea how we got so close, a group of 10 boys who were buddies since childhood and are till date, but all of them have never been together. And couple of us became a part of the craziness. In such a short time it feels like I have known them forever. The endless gossips, suggestions, coffee treats with Soky and Ritima 

Khushi – The one and only closest school friend ever. We hardly stayed together after school but the attachment has never washed out, in fact its been more.

The Princess& Fairy: We had our own struggle and faced the challenges but we never gave up and are professionals. It’s been long since all of us met but we surely have had a great time together with the night outs, drives and outings.

Konark Campus- How can I forget the parties, and endless talks in the night, on the other side of the town in Pune stayed these awesome school friends of mine and we grew together through our college times.

Jazmin -One of my oldest school friends, not really school friend, we met each other for a day, that too in the school bus. It’s all about destiny and how we clicked and share the bond till date. More like far door neighbors.

Surbhi- A friend and lesser like a sibling, giving advice’s and covering up for each trouble that we got into. The fights and concerns, the non stop one liners and laughter, travel and vacations, its been great

There are so many other people who have been around through the ups and down. Take some time out for the awesome ones out there. If you have been really busy and caught up in uptight schedule, get out there and let the special ones know that they bring the best in you and have been a great team to the craziness!!

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