Release the kid inside :*


While talking about wishes on my earlier posts, there was this thought that came to my mind, how many of you wish you could rewind time, and be a child again. I bet loads of us would. It is one of the best times of our life, where we are carefree about things. There are no expectations, no worries, and no wrong judgement, not much to think about. It’s taking each day like a trip, a holiday. Least responsible about anything happening around, not caring what the world is doing, because we have our own small world. We love the small fairy tale that the kids are in – having fun with colors, spending ample of time playing outdoor games, dancing, watching television without an alarm, practically doing all the fun and silly stuff which no one cares about.  I saw these girls of 7 in their pink frocks with a bow neatly tied. They had come for their dance class to the club. Seeing them giggle for the smallest things, and the sounds of chuckle made the place so lively. Their talks and innocence were so charming, especially when they did things older to their age. The irony is kids want to grow faster and not be directed to do things and controlled and we would love to go back to that year. It is just so crazy on how minds work.

Living in the present and enjoying each beautiful moment is the mantra. Even if you have made  many mistakes in your past, live your life in your fairy tale land and never let go of the kid inside you.

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