On a rainy day ~


The weather is so unpredictable; it’s a sunny day in the morning, as I leave for work. The breeze is so fresh and welcomes the new and yet another eventful day.  On a 20 minute ride, I love the sun rays coming right on my back, not hard, it is perfect. Just wondering how much tanned are my hands going to be. There is some kind of happiness as I ride, is it the weather, is it the day, there is something about it which cannot be found. As I cross half my travel time, I can see the grey clouds at a stretch. Hoping I would reach the destination in time and without stopping in between, I could feel the rain drops in my hand.

In no time, I see the pedestrians using their umbrellas, some open it in no time, and some are yet figuring out what should they do. Wait for it to rain a bit more. The varieties of umbrellas can be seen everywhere. The different colors on the street make it beautiful. It started raining heavily and I had to stop and wear my raincoat. And many others riders did the same. The ones which did not carry their jackets as it was a bright day had to wait in the shades at the shop. Some just kept riding even if they were fully drenched.

As I started my bike again, I could see vegetable vendors covering themselves in plastic sheets and still doing their job, some street kids were enjoying the rain water in the puddles not caring about being damp. The street sellers were removing their things as fast as they could. The dogs were getting wet, and I wish I could do something for them there. And my 5 minute ride turned out to be a 15 minute as I got stuck in signal and then a huge traffic.

Some really enjoy rains with a cup of coffee and a novel. Some like it while playing in the gardens; kids love it as they make small boats and get a flow for their sail. Some go crazy for the smell and some for the sound of  patter on the roof. I am sure you love it too!!

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