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While I write this article, I can’t stop smiling and feel awesome on being a part of REVOLUTION RADIO. The journey from the start has been crazy and amazing. The morning shows are just the perfect way to start of my day. Going live on air is the best thing that can possibly be. With the late night sleeps and early morning shows, getting up can be such a pain, but the love to go on air takes it all. It’s been more than a year now. I still remember the first time I went on air, it was fanatical – extremely nervous, everything scripted, I had no idea what was I suppose to do when the song was missing in the archive and I was to play in some seconds, how to go about the different players. I had practiced quite a few times at the studio but the first is always the first.

It was the 23rd of July 2012 when a dream of a girl of 10 actually got a chance. I always wanted to be a Radio Jockey but I was so occupied with the craziest stream ever – Chartered Accountancy and never got the time to apply or give it a chance and moreover staying in India for 5 years the dream had almost died.

How it all fell in place – It’s quite an interesting story and all of the credit goes to THE ONE whose voice is a LEGEND and can make you fall in love time and again. Each time I hear him on air I just go speechless, till date. I am talking about Ashish Da. So, I was preparing for my papers and being a follower of Lex Limbu, I came across Revolution Radio – The Online Radio Station. The whole idea was exciting and attractive. Never had I heard about something like this in Nepal. I wanted to know more and all about it. After searching for a while, I could come up with a couple of things. For starters it was started by” The Rhythm Brothers” and Manoj Dai, and the studio was at Moksha. So I called up the restaurant thinking that the studio was in the eatery itself and he asked me to talk to the person concerned – Ashish Da. Immediately spoke to him and got to know loads about RVL Radio. I was really anxious on asking him if I could be a part of the team. I had never been in radio before but I knew that I always wanted to experience being in one. The half an hour conversation could not get better. I was asked to meet but only with the ideas for the shows. This was the best time for me to get creative – While studying and preparing for my C.A exams which were in 20 days. I was hooked on to it, never missed any show and went completely crazy recording my own audio clips. In a day, I almost recorded 100 clips. I would just stop in 20 seconds not remembering what to say or a slip of tongue which I noticed. I loved the whole feel of it and I was all set to meet with my crazy ideas. The talk went really nice. And there I was asked to come and practice the shows and learn the technical part.

Initially I goofed up, made some silly mistakes, but that’s how you learn was the reply. And since then the wait for Tuesdays and Fridays is there and the passion and love for the microphone and headsets increases each time. Sleepless nights, winter frost, rains, bandhs – taking the routes that I never knew existed, the bliss of reaching at the studio cannot be compared.

You definitely have to be good with multi-tasking – getting the tracks in place, replying to your listeners, interacting with them, taking in messages, Skype calls, dedications, the quality of song, thinking about what you got to talk next, and also the ROFL moments on air, the moment when you are off air and you realize after a minute or vice versa coffee and craziness – It all happen in those 2 hours.



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