When you are on a battle field, you have no freaking idea when the bullet might just hit you or run pass you if you are lucky and still you are standing with your head held high and fighting for your motherland, the thought of it is super crazy, and super scary. You never know what is going to happen in the next couple of minutes and you might never get to see the people who are closest to you! This is the price of getting into the army. KUDOS & A BIG SALUTE – To the men and women who have been really strong and taken the decision of getting into the military.

This thought comes in my mind each time I go out to play PAINTBALL. It’s an amazing game and if you are wondering what it is. The ones who have watched the movie –THIS MEANS WAR can totally relate to it. It’s quite interesting –all about shooting and firing, blank target, even if your aim is really bad it’s all about having a great time and fun. It gives you the whole experience of being in the warfare. You are clad with a military jumpsuit and given in a gun filled with paint bullets. Being in a team and covering up your team mates and at the same time escaping from the paint bullet and not getting shot. The best part is when the game is on hold and when the other side is shot with the paint, you presume that but nothing happens. There are no tricks to win, you just shoot, and enjoy the hours running around, crawling, and surrendering the other team members, protecting one behind the barricades and brick walls and try not getting the paint on your body or a bruise from the ball because that sure hurts and leaves a mark – all out of experience. If you haven’t played yet you surely need to get to the field. The game of PAINTBALL is never disappointing and it excites you even if it’s played time and again.

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