It just got me thinking how generation of today would define PATRIOTISM. All of us are so busy in getting what we want, and some are not really sure if the thing that we are running after is what we are looking for and it will give us utmost satisfaction. Our wishes and ambitions are never-ending and with this schedule of ours we have totally forgotten about two things. One is the beautiful Mother Nature and the next is the Mother land!

Both gives us unconditional love and gives us so much that we have taken it for granted. There are so many small things that can be done to give out gratitude and respect even if we cannot be a part of it. The majority of youth today fails to understand that. You need not study environment sciences; need not be a part of the Army or a Gorkha soldier. What you got to do is stick around with your country and make it a better place to live. Get the changes that you look for in another nation instead of running away. It sounds all fancy while writing and it is equally difficult while practicing it but somewhere we got to do the small things that we are responsible for as citizens of this beautiful homeland. What does being patriotic really mean to you? Celebrating various national holidays whose history or significance is not clear in your mind, By-hearting the dates of wars for school exams, getting the citizenship, enrolling yourself for voting for election, cribbing about the situation around you which is endless. Have you ever done something which you can proudly count as doing it for the mother country without any self-interest?

This feeling surely comes from within. It just cannot be forced. Go ahead. Try this out. Spend ten minutes in the evening sunset and you might just get the answers that you have been looking for so long! If you cannot take care of your surrounding the least you could do is plant a tree and nurture it and take care of it as it’s your own. If each one of us wakes up to our conscientiousness, the world would be so different.

“In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.” 
― Barack Obama

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