Chef on the roll :*


I have never been a reality show fan. Never. I cannot watch with the advertisement that takes half of the time of the show and somehow never been inclined towards it. Surfing channels and sitting in front of the television had long gone as my pastime.

There was this one time that my mom mad sure I watch this episode of a kids show which is related to food preparation. She said it was amazing and talked about it endlessly. The least interest that I have towards cooking I gave it a second thought and wanted to rain- check. It really did not work out, and there I was watching Junior Master-chef. These kids of 8 to 10 years are unbelievable, and the way they prepare their dishes starting from chopping to dressing is awe-inspiring. The charm, innocence, confidence, naughtiness, talks are splendid.The love for preparing such food items and the way they explain it to the judges is so accurate. I possibly thought how it is possible for them to make such nice and scrumptious food items. As it’s said the nothing is impossible, this can be proven by these cute, pretty, chubby, handsome angels.

The part which was really sad was when the results were being announced. Everything need not be about winning and there need to be fewer competitions for this lovable kids and more workshop for them so they can carry out the activity that they are really good at and get motivated and stirred.

P.S :- We really need to come up with new and innovative ideas for contest rather than coping it from the other end!!

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