She finally asked him, “Is that her, the girl that you have been dating since so long, finally I get to meet her”. They were in a relationship since 5 years and they could read minds and hearts looking at each other. But this time when she passed by him the feeling was gone, and the connection seemed lost. It just felt different. Standing tall and looking at the floor he suddenly realized he was being asked a question  Little confused and coming back to reality he gave it a thought and said – “Yep, she is the one that I am crazily in love with. I have never felt the way I feel for her and the charm is still there. I don’t know what do I call it but it’s the feel I have never experienced with anyone before”. She must be quite lucky that means, she said as she walked by.

While he was on his way home, he wanted to reason the differences. He wanted to get things the way they were, at least giving it a try which he had not since months. She had stood by his side each time  he wanted her around and they were fond of each other but the only part that made them apart was the distance. They lived in two extreme poles, things were absolutely perfect at the start, and as time went by they got really busy shaping their career. The time difference was killing them. The worst was they always thought that long distance would work out and always gave in tips that everything is possible even if you are far across. It not only seemed easy advising but they believed in it. You can stay connected, you just have to follow two rules – giving in  space and you need to be expressive is what equalized their thought process. Both of them had the same principle towards love. They had the same rule. When it came to their love story they just could not work out with the latter.

He had always been the less expressive one; the one who understood me completely knew me in and out was his best evergreen say. Irrespective of that he made his efforts when they were away. He went out of his ways and made her feel really special, he did things that he never thought he would, and he had changed, changed completely. Was it love or was it her?? Like any other girl she loved the attention around, she loved the princess treatment, she was loving the distance. He wanted to grow old with her and he wanted to live together forever. They were totally crazy in love and the amazing part was he never thought it would be possible being far away, for long.


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