She was very nervous since it was a start of a new journey, a new life. She had no idea what will happen, how things would shape up. She had that weird feeling that anything she would eat/ drink would make her nauseated. She exactly knew what was happening to her. It happened each time when she started with anything. The firsts in her life were etched in her heart. “What are you thinking Sherlyn, you must be really excited” said her mom sitting next to the window and enjoying the view on the bus that they had boarded to Miami. A tall blonde lady with the perfect curves and curls falling right on her shoulders. She didn’t look her age and people would mistake them for sisters. While they were flying once, the immigration officer said to Sherlyn “You both look so similar, it must be hard for your parents to recognize” Sherlyn was dumb-stuck and did not know how to answer back. The passports would just get it sorted, she thought. She just grinned and that look on her face was full of wickedness, she walked off.  She always knew that her mom had the spotless skin ever, and the fashionable diva that she was, she could turn heads around each time she passed. Sherlyn looked more like her dad with sharp features, amethyst color of her eyes were loved by all and the waves and bounce in her hair from the arms went well with her body structure. Sherlyn was the ideal example of beauty with smartness. She was a charmer, the vivacious quality of hers and the way she could be anyone and everyone’s sweet heart was a talent that she was born with. Her eyes were so expressive and her face was equally easy to read.

The bus halted on the next stop and the next half an hour drive would be their destination. There were different race of people, and how travelling gets everyone together was the topic of discussion within the elderly who had just met and became friends in such short span of time. They were sitting in front seats and the other co-passengers thought that they were all going for the same reunion.

Sherlyn was thrilled for her first year of college but being away from the people who cared for her most and who had been there for her all the time, wouldn’t be around. She was pampered by her granny, being the first grandchild, in their family. She was lucky to have such wonderful people in her life and she felt blessed to have such amazing parents. She never wanted half an hour drive to end and a part of hers was imaging the first scene when she entered the gates of her college, where she would be spending the best years of her life. “Mom, I am going to be just fine and Miami is not that far away, I will come visit you every year.  You can send me gifts and you guys can surprise me. And yes, I totally know what you are going to say- Prioritize your studies more than anything!! I will make you proud Mom” Sherlyn said. There after saying that she gave a tight hug which lasted for two minutes and a kiss on the cheek saying – I LOVE YOU. This habit of hers of being expressive was heart-touching and the amazing part was she wouldn’t expect the same.

She was strong, unlike the others who never liked the final goodbyes she would smile throughout, waiting for something very interesting to happen. This optimism of hers took her to places, to the awesome lot she could ever meet. She was best at taking each situation lightly; being tensed was just not her. There were incidents when the worse would happen, something she had never imagined of, but the smile on her face would never go. She believed in craziness, unexpected situations, life was a fairy tale for her and she had her very own castle. There was this one time everything was going wrong, the battery in the alarm went off, and she missed out on the morning swim practice, she got a cramp in her leg while running towards her bus as she was getting late for school, and there she realized it was a Tuesday not a Wednesday. The uniform was wrong with the books that she carried. Nothing was falling in place and to top it all she had an event that she had to perform. The confidence and care free nature of hers, she made it through that day like any other.

It kept her thinking. Who switched the green color table clock?  Was it the battery or her sleep?? Sherlyn asked her sister: Did you switch the alarm off??  Zanya, her sister who was younger to her by half a dozen, said “No. I didn’t even realize the alarm was ringing. I had the perfect date and I did not want the dream to get over, but you seriously need to switch the alarm off as soon as you get up. Thank God it wasn’t the fourth time that you were happily listening to music while brushing your teeth and the snoozed alarm kept getting louder and louder. You had no idea how I would kick your ass if that would have happened”. Even after the lovely date Sherlyn quickly replied. They had a bond which would keep them closer. The fights, arguments, debates, covering up for each other, sugar sweet lies came with the package of sisterhood.

Sherlyn promised Zonya that she would be the first one to know the stories. I will call you as soon as something interesting happens and S.O.S had always been their code for any gossip that had to be shared. Zonya could not see her sister leave, so she stayed back at home and let her dad see them off at the stop. As soon as they got on the bus Sherlyn texted her …read more

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