Amusing relations :*


I met some sixty people during the family function last week, my mom made me meet quarter of them, and my granddad introduced me to half the crowd and the remaining lot asked who I was. That’s how I added those many faces in my mind, all in one day. I don’t remember their names individually nor do I recall how they are related. Some of them had interesting stories to tell about me, the kid they had seen years back who was all grown now. It was a fun conversation with some knowing about their experiences and their life tales and with some I wanted to take a rain check the moment they started talking.

It is so strange how the entire generation is associated with so many people whom they have never met nor heard. The bond and link of the newer lot is automatically less with the older age bracket as the family expands. The newer ones can relate to their immediate family members . Majority, it happens that the older ones are familiar with the family structure of far off relatives and still have that soft corner for all of them. This is because they have lived with one of the members and the second generation of that family gets related too. It all depends on the time that you have spent with the other person, that is when the attachment increases. A cousin brother of my granny is dear to her but when it comes to my connection towards him; it seems like a distant one. It surely is a closer one when its from his side, as I am his sisters granddaughter. With time, the knot between two individuals from different era is almost nil or a reduced one and the bond is not same on both sides.

We hardly know the names of our far off relatives?? We wouldn’t be bothered about what is happening around them?? And since we have not stayed with them we do not have the attachment. At the same time, if there are people who are not even related by family and you have a friendly relation with them, the affection is more. It all depends on the individual comfort and chemistry. Each relationship is valuable and the two people who are a part of it only understand the significance of it. Relations are pretty amusing as the level of it changes with each person but the nature and character of each entity remains the same.

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