Live to eat or eat to live:*

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Do you like exploring new restaurants, checking out new places in the town? Would you go to the food joint which is recently opened? Are you the one who checks off each place from the list that never exhausts?? If you are saying a yes for all the above questions you would be more surprised as I ask you the last one. Are you a foodie? I wouldn’t be amazed if you have an answer which is negative.

We are the set of people who want to try new lounges not cuisines. We are happy with the ambiance and the kind of music played. When our favorite songs play consecutively, it complements the interiors and styling of the place. Some of us like dark settings, candle light dinners and some of us chose a brighter place. For some people loud music and some drinks is how their day is made, and for the other lot it is conversations and coffee in the open spaces. It all depends on what type of a person are you and whom you meeting and your common interests. We love ticking off the cafes and cannot go to the same place repeatedly. Many can relate to this situation, unlike some foodies. It is totally opposite for them.

The other group lives to eat and would love to try different kind of food. They crave for junk and enjoy their meals the most. They can spend hours talking about various appetizers and experimenting on recipe. There are some lucky ones who do not grow fat with the quantity they eat. They are blessed with a perfect body structure and can fill their desire to eat their favorite item each time without thinking twice. A perfect situation is when a foodie need not restrict to eat for any reason. This group will not explore and would be happy to go to places where they get the specialty of their choice. Cooking new delicacies each day and being fond of catering does not necessarily mean that one loves to eat. There are people who love serving others and some are connoisseur of good food.

Do you fall on the first category or second, aka do you live to eat or eat to live? Either way, this quote from Mahatma Gandhi stands so correct: To a man with an empty stomach, food is god.So eat what you prefer, but just remember to eat HEALTHY!!

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