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Do you believe in KARMA, do you believe what you put across the world comes back to you?? What do you think about this statement: – The action of yours towards others, affect the reaction of others on you in future. It could be some good that you have done to a stranger whom you are never going to meet and the similar situation comes around where you are the recipient. What about the relation between past lives and the deeds done, does the act carry on in this life too. How far can you relate to this?? There are ample of books on this matter and the most famous being Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. These are not difficult theories, it is just about how you consider and perceive life.

Some of us who have experienced or had incidents where the universe has gifted us the same situation that we have been in as a giver is quite mesmerizing. We all accept how Karma works, but once we have had a story that we can share, it becomes exciting. This episode starts as I met a stranger and gave her a lift in my car. I have a bad road sense and hardly remember the narrow lanes. That day, I got lost while coming back from work, as the road diversion led me to a place I fairly remembered. I followed my intuition and ended on the wrong path. Since I had to figure out the way, I asked a girl who was neatly dressed in her school uniform for directions telling her the nearest landmark to my house, which is a government school. She was delighted as she studied in the same school. So, Iimages (2) told her to sit in the car and get ready for the drive. She could show me the way too and I could drop her to school. Both our mission would be accomplished. She was surprised during the stretch of 5 minutes as we reached and the look in her eyes was captivating as she had never sat on a car.

There goes another interesting time when I was going to give my professional exams, and I got caught in one of the strikes, I had no other option than to walk towards my exam center which would take more than twenty minutes. The clock was running faster and half an hour was left for the papers to begin. I was running around the shortcuts to reach as there were no four wheeler plying. Some two wheeler were running, but I could not call my friends in short notice. So I took a lift from a lady who was riding. Since the tradition of asking and giving lifts is not there in Nepal, the lady asked me so many questions, analysed the situation properly, thought on what I was speaking, read my actions well, and finally agreed to give me a ride. And after some conversations we got to know we had some mutual friends. So that’s what I am talking about. It’s all about KARMA: – What went around came around~ It might not happen sooner, but will come back in some or the other way.

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Have you ever had a similar circumstance?? Post in. It would be fun reading your KARMA stories and opinions on it. The next line describes exactly what I think “We are bound to others, past and present, and by each misdeed and every kindness, we birth our future.”

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