Affair of the heart:*

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You have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life, some can stay in your life but not around. This is when we are talking about different relationship that you have been in. Some connection with your loved one, friends or a stranger you have recently met lasts for ages and some withers in no time. It all depends on the effort that each one of us place for staying connected and the chemistry which lasts even if you are not in touch for a long time. The relation stays for endless time when the feelings have been expressed and reciprocated. A one sided affair lasts for a while but wont forever. If you want the other person to stick around; you need to be there when the other one needs you. Each bond grows when it is a two way process or it will end way sooner than you can think.

There are times when everything is perfect, you meet the most charming boy/girl in your life and things are just the way you imagine it to be. Then comes a phase in the relationship where you have you make that choice. You do not have many options, the first one would be being around as companions and the next one would be to let go. Both choices are hard but the most difficult one is latter. You do not have the last alternative where you can be around your loved one forever. So you have to move on as it is the best pick not because the circumstance is not in your favor but that’s the reasonable thing to do.

The heart knows it all, it is clear about what is happening and what will the result be. It is surprising why it does not want to accept the decision made. It wants to defer the conclusion till one can prolong to. It does not want to admit the changes which are the best. It wants to be in control till the time it can because it has deeply fallen for someone and it doesn’t want the love to flee. The quicker the heart relates to the way the mind thinks, the better it is.

An affair these years is not only about two hearts and related to the duo; it is a signal images (7)which is given out on Facebook of what the status of the person is. You get to know if the other one is happily single, is in a relationship or if the relation is complicated. It is correctly said that the best sign of a relationship is no sign of it on Facebook. It has become a style statement on updating about every smallest detail. With no privacy, we have started becoming judgmental and there is so much that can be learnt about the person and their heart affair.

A heart affair in not a vacancy that needs to be filled each time, there need not be a replacement, someone to take over the last role. You need to be on the search, if it has to happen it will. Be sure to give in sometime before racing into filling the spot. It is a special place which is just for the one whom you think fits in the best and can stay forever and for always.

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