Comparing exes:*


Love talks and relationship advice can go on endlessly, one of the subject which has so many questions and very few answers. Everyone is an expert while dealing with other’s love story but can hardly manage their own. As we all know it is easier said than done. There is no point taking second opinion about love situations or sharing it along for suggestion from anyone, as we know that we won’t move forward with it, if the thought is not in sync with what we want to hear. Our heart already knows what we want and we will eventually follow our decision. There is no reasoning to things that love makes us do and the way we feel in the beautiful bond. The best is when this relation stays the same forever and the love story when described after 50 years still gives the goose bumps to the ones listening.

There are times when things do not go as planned in a relationship, the charm and spark fade in months and we part our ways and move on. We are in a situation where we love being single and are not on lookout for another person in our life. And just when we are not in the search, we might meet interesting people. The conversations and frequent get together are fun which makes us fall in love again. There are just some things we need to follow when we get on a new start. Comparing a relation to our ex never ends well and going back to ex is like reading the same book over and over again when we know how the story ends.


Each individual is different and there are some qualities which have attracted us to that someone special. We have accepted the way the person is and are appreciating how both of us complement each other. There is nothing extraordinary we are looking for, we are seeing the perfection in all imperfection, and not letting our exes affect our behavior. Whatever the reason are for the previous relation not working out or however things are left between two people, we need to start afresh on a clean slate. We cannot think about how our ex would have acted to a particular incident, or assess the kind of persona both of them have. If we start measuring, it is a disaster waiting to happen. An ex should stay an ex. They are the Example and Explanation for why we deserve better.

It makes no sense if we keep thinking about relationships and the relationship-quotesnumber of years that we have been with that person. It has surely taught us so many things and made our life happier. A relationship of four years cannot be compared to the one of four months. Depending on the nature of each person, we can be friends with our ex. It is how mature we think as we do not want to let an amazing person go from our life. For some ex means “Thanks for the experience, as time has expired and now exit from my life.”

The reminiscences of the previous bond cannot lighten up and die, as they have been the fondest ones. With a new relationship, it’s time to make new memories and get to discover more about the other person. Once we express and communicate how we feel and let them know that there is nothing to worry about and they are the one. The insecurity if any would no longer exist and this could be the story of the couple who are meant to be together with a happy ending.

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