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As I complete two years at Revolution Radio, I can officially say this is one of the best places to work at. The coolest online station which comes in live for four hours in the mornings and ends your fun filled day with lots of excitement with the evening shows from 7 to 11. If you are having a lazy day you can tune to different genre of music, whichever mood you are in, and the kind of songs you want to listen to can be heard on our official page We have nonstop rock music and to add to the rock category, we have Nepali pop rock, slow rock. If you are in for some classics, you can get to hear the track of your favourite Nepali artist, in for some jazz, we have that too. If you are hosting a get together and your dancing shoes are on, you need not wonder where to play good music from; just check our dance collections. With that we have mushy love songs lined up for our rev-lovers out there.

The radio has surely revolutionized with time, and RVL Radio is the best example. We not only get our voices on air but we also get you the view of how the studio looks like through the revcam. If you are confused and figuring out why it is called a revcam not a webcam, this is where the trick lies, we are not the ordinary radio station which has radio jockeys, rather we have voices from different professional fields that you cannot imagine of. We have doctor to fashion designer, social worker to reporters, accountant and pilot. It’s so cool how the team is diversified and each of us love the two hours of shows that we have in a week. We look forward to speaking live on air and connecting to the world. It does not matter how our day has passed but once we are on the show; there is a different kind of energy that comes in automatically. All thanks to the hundreds of listeners who are listening to us from different parts of the world.



The location and interiors of the studio is so amazing at the Moksha parking space as the image-c63e92da32325fa32a583b3eac7a47529ce9b31de0f56f93b455e89001e90de3-Vpaints on the wall complement well with the lights. We can get a feeling of what is happening outside the studio and what the weather is like. As we get our station live in a simple and easier way, we have our application which is app-solutely mobile; just search for Rvl radio on your play store if you are using android phones. We have launched our application for ios users too with the same name.

We come with fun and interesting shows and some you can never think about. We have shows like turn it on, soundtrack of your life, strictly rock, mash-ups. We also encourage Nepali talents to send in their covers of song if they have recorded any, we have shows with the Nepali and English top 20 charts every week. A show on Indie music, another where we take in tracks from your playlist as you flaunt your compilation, new releases, shows which get you going. One interesting show that we have is Kill your TV, where we not only make you listen to amazing music but also your best IMG_20140510_110136videos can be watched. In this era of internet, when you are online all the time, we get you connected to your loved ones through Facebook, twitter and take in Skype calls. We don’t do ordinary at RVL.

As we play only English and Nepali music and our shows are not scripted. The best part about this radio is that we as voices have the liberty to interact with our listeners however we want and conduct our shows at our own ease with the craziest idea. And it all happens because of one person that we adore, Ashish Dai.

We have gotten lovely jingles composed by Manoj dai and the technicalities which is taken care by him at the station. Our timings of programs and voices can be checked on our official page. Radio is all about multi tasking getting the right songs, blending one track with another, and at the same time taking in requests and answering all the posts sent on our pages. To add to it interacting with all rev-listeners and framing what is to be spoken next. And when you love what you are doing, you are not working a day in your life, and trust me it surely gets addictive.

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