“A tribute to the simple, sophisticated and wonderful human being”

A morning person, who loves spending time at the garden, has principles and values exactly like his dad, loves home more than anywhere in the world, and is everyone’s favorite. Yes this is a man who had been living his life simply, with a high thinking. This article is dedicated to my first love, my dad, who is a gem of a person.

He was a remarkable individual, and a perfectionist who did each work with precision. His number game was always accurate and he believed that nothing should be wasted. With his love for gardening, we have used old clocks as a show piece, made chairs and seating with the block of wood cut from the tree. He loved experimenting different colors on flower pots and re-positioning the massive garden in two three months.  Visiting the nurseries and getting different saplings was one of his favorite pass times. He knew the exact need and requirement of anything and everything. He would search for stuff if he knew existed around and wouldn’t think the necessity to buy. His logic was simple “We usually have everything with us; we are too lazy to search”.  How did he have the patience to do all of this I wonder?

His humbleness was out of the world and he would not say a “NO” to anything. Getting him to agree what we always wanted was a little tricky but he would finally be in agreement with us. Being his daughter, he always wanted us to take the lead, all started when we went for a family vacation to Hong Kong. He gave me all the tickets and the documents and gave me the responsibility of the trip. Little did I know, he was preparing me to see the world when I was sixteen? He has always left the judgment on us since then for various decisions that we have made in our lives and has always been a support.

His routine was extraordinary, and I bet none of us can beat that. He believed in the theory “Early to bed and early to rise”, and there is always certain time for everything. Family was the most superior element in his life, and the connection between him and mom was with unsaid words which would be understood instantly. His best friend was granddad after mom. He would spend hours talking to granddad, during meals, while going to work, taking care of him, being the strength in his old age. He was his favorite, and I can vouch for him being the favorite son in this entire world.

I can feel his presence everywhere I go. I can feel him walking towards the room, as I write this, and how I wish that would be true. I am still not done nagging you, and I am still not done taking permissions.

This seems like a dream which never seems to get over. We miss you and we need you here!


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