A will when I die

The past month has gotten me thinking on various thoughts and one of them surely being how our life is unpredictable. Since all of us are aware of the fact that we have to leave this world one day, and we do not know when, why don’t we make a written note for the people whom we leave behind. It could be on the rituals that is carried on for us when we are no more.

The irony here is how we are made to believe that the body is never ours, and at the same time, there are many procedures that are conducted in the name of the body. The strange bit is the time when those few moments of our body is in someone else’s control and the decision of what, how should things be carried on is taken by someone else.
It is amusing how fast we remove the physical presence of an individual after their last breath. Does their bond which was for half a century become negligible? Do their relationships suddenly comes down to zero? This shows how an existence of a person is significant.
While I write this I want to write a note to the people for the do’s and dont’s that should be done after I am no longer in this world.
The first one definitely being taking care of oneself and being strong and not asking question to the many whys that we usually have. I would request everyone who know me to take some time out and remember the fond memories we had and how our relationship grew with time. The next one would be not to hurry to put my body away.
I would love to give my eyes away to someone who could see through mine , which I would be registering in no time, so wait for that. Also, please do not print condolence message on a newspaper as its a waste, rather use that money for doing some good. Also, my karma will decide where I will reach, heaven or hell, and this will already be accumulated how I have led my life. So please do not give any offerings specially gold and expensive things on my name. If you want to give something, you could do that yourself. Do not forget me too soon, I might be out of sight, but I will always be in your hearts with fond memories.
Lastly, I try living everyday as my last, and still hoping for tomorrow and I think each individual should do the same. Express, say what you feel like, do what you love. There’s no point stressing over stuff because in the bigger picture our life is way way too short than we can think of.


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