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I overheard a conversation while waiting for my turn at the salon. Those ten minutes of talk got many questions in my mind. You all must be wondering what was the chat about and why was I interested. Firstly, I could not stop myself from eavesdropping because they were very loud; secondly, I had forgotten my earphones and thus, could not listen to music. Irrespective of that, the thought that got me thinking since yesterday was why are people not happy with the beautiful life they are blessed? How hard is it to cherish what they have? Why do they crib about moments when so much be done in 24 hours?

The beauty of life are the challenges that we face every day and handling different conditions. Isn’t it? Then, why was the woman who was in her mid-thirties so miserable that she thought there was no point in living? Why did she sound so sad? Why was it a problem for her to be taking care of her house and her own children? Had she forgotten that she was once a child and taken care of? Does she not need food to survive that she detest cooking for her family?  What I analyzed from the whole scenario was that, these were not problems of life. At least, not the ones that one could crib for 15 minutes straight. There was negative space and I marveled how many people might be in that space as of today? This was just one person’s reflection on life; there might be many others like her.

Have we forgotten the amazing people around us that we call family and friends? Do we not realize that we have a body perfectly functioning? Do we not value the principles and values that we have embedded? Why are people adverse and pessimist about circumstances? Why do humans blame others for the decisions that they have made in their life? Everyone has difficulties and each individual goes through a rough patch, and sometimes, least expected. There is a solution for situations and the responsibility of finding the answer is on us. If it is not under our control, the best remedy is to leave it to fate. We can be happy that we tried our best to make the best of what we had.

Fortunate are the ones blessed with good health and wealth. If you are ever in that space, think about people who do not either have them, or have only one out of both. Think about the little kid, who plays carom and has that smile on his face, when both his hands have been lost because of electrocution. Think about that little girl who has never seen her parents, and does not know when she was born.

There are many complications, but we have the power to amend it. We need to get our magic started, as we are the magician for our own life.

P.S:- I think a lot of my positivism, happiness and understanding of life has come from THE KTM DRIVE.

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