Eulogy for myself:*

 A reader had asked me to write on this topic many months back. I was procrastinating on the same since a long time. The delay was because of two reasons. Firstly, it would require me to time travel to a future me and secondly this blog was not going to be a normal one. It needed enough introspection and self-examination. Not to adieu further, the subject matter was a eulogy. A part of it could include the moments that I would cherish when I am at the last threshold of my life.

It needed a lot of rationalizing and thinking. There are some things that I have completed, and some, which are happening now, while some are in plan.  It was difficult to assume on what will happen in half a century, what all situations will I be going through but most importantly is the question, will I be alive or not till the time that I am thinking of writing an eulogy for. Will my existence be as healthy as I imagine it to be? What would be the ideal summary of my life?

As I recap my life at the last minute of my existence, I would love to write a eulogy for myself as of today. I am ready for one, as I have been doing the things that I love each day, in some or the other form. The beauty of it has always been that nature of mine, which keeps thinking what if today being the last day of my life, how I would want to live.  This is a strange yet blissful feeling. Since we all know how life is unpredictable, there is no harm in believing in it strongly.

So, instead of writing after years to come, let me write the circumstances that I have cherished as of today. The most important one in my life would be the times I have inspired, helped and my presence as a whole has made an impact in others life. It could be because of a few words, or a smile, or could be a long ended conversation.  I would cherish the constancy that I have for different hobbies and interests. I would treasure being happy in the smallest pleasures of life. I love the fact that there is a small world in my mind, which is chill about any situation that comes in life. The heart, which does not stop dreaming and keeps that spark alive, the mind, which always has a gratitude note. Overall, I appreciate who I am, what I believe and aspire to become, a good human being. I value that I have understood the broader importance of my presence in the universe. Lastly, this would not have been possible without the continuous support of friends and family. So blessed with these amazing souls in my life.

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