Of all the walks, Popsy~

As I walk in the home garden, I remember the time,

You playing badminton, even if it was fifteen minutes to nine.

It would be the late hour, according to your routine,

Still you would be geared and ready for serves until thirteen.

As I walk to the back yard, to check on the veggies and greens,

It reminds me how fond of gardening you always would be,

Getting new sets of flower saplings and arranging them perfectly,

This was not just for outdoors but everything you did daily.

As I walk near your office, I think of the days,

When you would come home, only a call away,

Loved giving you my mock presentations, each while,

Because you were the first one to cheer us as we dialed.

As I will walk the most important and special day of my life,

I will miss you dearly, and want you to be there by my side,

My heart will only be searching you in the crowd,

Cause you are the only one who will be there, but will not be around.

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